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SPA Hoteli Izvora Stara Zagora Mineral Baths  &
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SPA Hoteli Izvora Stara Zagora Mineral Baths
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адрес: Bulgaria Stara Zagora Mineral Baths

телефони: 04111 22 14 ; 088 889 20 72 ; факс : 04111 24 20
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мин.цена : **** макс.цена : ****


ART GALLERY - Kazanlak
Art Gallery Stara Zagora,
Art Gallery and Historical Museum, Kazanlak,
Ayazmoto Park Stara Zagora,
Chirpan Monastery of St. Athanasius,
Church of the Holy Trinity "Stara Zagora,
Eski Moschee Stadt Stara Zagora,
Ethnographic complex in Kazanlak,
Forum of Augusta Traiana,
Granite Village is the oldest oak tree in Bulgaria,
Hilendarski convent Stara Zagora,
Historical Museum of Stara Zagora,
House-Museum "Geo Milev" Stara Zagora,
House-Museum Chudomir Village of Touria obsht.Pave,
House-Museum Petko Staykov Kazanlak,
Iskra Historical Museum gr.Kazanlak.Bulgaria,
Koprinka Dam Kazanlak,
Literary and artistic museum Chudomir Kazanlak,
Megalith door goddess near Kazanlak,
Memorial Shrine of the Nativity / Russian church /,
Memorial complex Defenders of Stara Zagora,
Monument of Hadji Dimitar Buzludzha,
Monument polokovnik Kalitin Stara Zagora,
Monument to freedom of Shipka,
Mound "Big Arsenalka" s.Sheynovo general. Kazanlak,
Museum of Kazanlak Rose,
Museum of the City life "Stara Zagora,
Neolithic dwellings museum town of Stara Zagora,
Ring monastery town Maglij,
Shipka Balkan Mountain Tsentalen Balkan,
Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak,
Top Buzludja Stara Planina mountain Tsentaralen ,
Valley of the Kings Kazanlak,
Астрономическа обсерватория Юрий Гагарин,
Дом на културата Енергетиката в град Гълъбово,
Драматичен театър Гео Милев в град Стара Загора ,
Държавна опера в областен град Стара Загора,
Експозиция “Левски в Старозагорско”-Стара Загора,
Защитния вал Еркесията край град Гълъбово,
Змееви дупки край село Змейово община Стара Загора,
Казането-скално образувание край град Стара Загора,
Казанлъшки манастир Въведение Богородично,
Крепост Асара край Николаево старозагорско,
Манастир "Св.Атанасий",
Милкини скали край град Стара Загора,
Паметник на бранителите на Стара Загора,
Парк Аязмото-Зоопарк в областен град Стара Загора,
Река "Съзлийка" приток на река Марица до Гълъбово,
Старият чинар в парк “Бедечка” в гр Стара Загора,
Хилендарски метох в областен град Стара Загора,
Църква "Св. Пророк Илия" в град Казанлък,
Църквата "Св.Иван Рилски" в град Гълъбово,
Язовир Розов кладенец край град Гълъбово

For your family comfort and peace of a family hotel "Orion" offers 4 apartments cost 40 leva for the whole apartment with:

Private bathroom
Nonstop hot water
TV with cable TV
For your holiday we offer double and triple rooms with 70 beds cost 15 € for a bed with:

Private bathroom
Nonstop hot water
TV with cable TV
For your good mood we offer:

Restaurant with 70 seats
Professional DJ for organized events
Wide range of high quality alcoholic beverages Traditional Bulgarian cuisine
Chefs with years of experience.
Meeting with over 40 seats
Summer Garden with over 40 seats
Medical Services

Why with us

Stara Zagora mineral baths is a unique spa resort. It is located 15 km. west of Stara Zagora, 360 m altitude. Distance of only 100 meters from the Rest House "Orion" - Stara Zagora mineral baths are mineral bath. Its water has a temperature of 51oC and is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the locomotor system, peripheral nervous system, gynecological, renal and urological, biliary, gastrointestinal and others. kind of diseases. Warm mineral springs gives an opportunity for year-round preventive, curative and recreational activities. Stara Zagora mineral baths are an extremely picturesque place that offers great routes for ecotourism. 

Locality Virgin step is incredibly beautiful and peaceful place, filled with lots of magnetism and whimsicality. Situated on the outskirts of the Stara Zagora mineral baths, it is just 1000 meters from the Rest House "Orion" - Stara Zagora mineral baths. Its territory is rock formation, resembling a footprint of the female foot, according to local legend who was left by Mary herself. With hard work and love of the place was built a chapel, which is considered to be magical and healing. Beside him are two sacrificial altar, preserved to this day from Thracian times. The drawings on them are more than impressive.
Locality "Lake" is a wonderful combination of beautiful wood, stone and water. The area is covered with oak, hornbeam, hazel and planted pine forests. Just 40 meters from the Rest House "Orion" - Stara Zagora mineral baths is disclosed incomparable beauty of the area - a magnificent lake side of the river flow in creeks and small, enveloped by beautifully sculpted cliffs and endless different sized and colored stones. Among the fresh mountain air, "Lake" is a convenient starting point for peak Momin breasts, while providing excellent conditions and with herbs and mushrooms. Feeling that is floating around the place is irresistibly enchanting.

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