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Archaeological Complex, Dobrich Shabla
Architectural - park complex "The Palace of Balchi,
Asparoukh monument in Dobrich,
Cape Kaliakra,
Clock Tower Dobrich,
Dobrudja exposure and sea ggrad Kavarna,
Ethnographic Set "Old Dobrich". Bulgaria,
Ethnographic complex Kavarna,
Historical Museum in the town of Kavarna,
House Museum Jordan Yovkov Dobrich,
Memorial to the Russian soldiers "Charn" in Kavarn,
Monument to despot Dobrotitsa Dobrich,
Mестността „Дълбока“ и мидена ферма край Каварна,
National Archaeological Reserve Yaila Kavarna,
Natural archaeological Kaliakra Kavarna,
Natural-archeological reserve Yalata Kavarna,
Qzoviri okolo Dobrich,
Λογοτεχνικό Μουσείο και το Σώμα Dobrich Ιορδανία ,
Балчишката тузла край град Балчик ,
Ботаническата градина в град Балчик, Черно море,
Долината на Авлигите край град Каварна, Черно море,
Залива плаж Болата -до град Каварна и нос Калиакра,
Историческия музей в град Балчик край Черно море,
КАМЕНЕН МОСТ край град Каварна, Черно море,
Каменните гробници на Тюленово край село Крапец,
Културен център Двореца в град Балчик, Черно море,
Местността Икантълъка край град Каварна,
Местността „Белите скали“ до град Балчик и Двореца,
Мюсюлмански манастир Текето край град Балчик,
Нос Шабла край град Шабла на Северното Черноморие,
Подводни пещери в Архиологически резерват „Яйлата“,
Природна забележителност Диранкулашкото езеро,
Резерват „Птичия залив“-известен още като Таук ,
ХАМАМ в град Каварна, обл. Добрич край Черно море,
Храм "св.Преподобна Параскева-Петка Търновска",
Храм Св. Георги в град Балчик край Черно море,
Храм Св. Успение Богородично в град Каварна,
Храмът на богинята Кибела в град Балчик,Черно море,
Църква Св. Георги в град Каварна в край Черно море,
Църква Св. Св. Константин и Елена в град Балчик,
Шабленска тузла край град Шабла,
Шабленския фар край гр. Шабла, Крапец и Дуранкулак,
Шабленското езеро Северно Черноморие до град Шабла

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Bulgaria Balchik-Dobrich

 Balchik is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque in the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town is situated on a terrace and stood over the sea. Located 18 km from Kavarna, 29 km north of Varna and 470 km from Sofia.
In place of the city still in Thracian times was the plateau area. In the V century BC these places came Greek settlers, who were enchanted by the beauty of the beach and formed their own city. Land was planted with vines and people produce great wine. They had as their patron god Dionysus, who cleared on their coins. The town was named in his honor Dionisipolis. He became an important center, which attracts with its riches.
After a series of invasions and destruction by the Romans the town began to decline. In the Middle Ages became the possession of boyar Balik, from whom comes the new name. After 1912, due to damage, suffered by Bulgaria in the Balkan War, the city crosses the territory of Romania. Then these places came Queen Mary, who was captured by the beautiful beach here and built their favorite summer residence, called "Quiet Nest" for its rich Botanic Garden. After 1940 Balchik is back again in Bulgaria.
Today the city privilicha tourists with the uniqueness of its ancient houses and streets that have preserved its ancient atmosphere. There are many objects that arouse interest - Ethnographic Museum, the old Turkish mosque, the church of St. Nicholas. With the greatest interest and benefit Botanical Garden Palace - the largest in the Balkans and the second largest in the world. Here you can see the extremely rare plant species.
North of town is the Archaeological Kaliakra.
At least three legends are connected with this place. According to the most popular girls 40 spleli hair and jumped from the bow into the sea to escape during the Ottoman rule. The nose is still associated with Saint Nicholas, and treasure concealed in the caves.

Available to tourists in Balchik are many private rooms and hotels where you will find coziness and warm atmosphere.
The coastline around the city is 4 km in length. Port is used by medium-sized passenger and commercial vessels.
4 km east of the town is located Tuzlata area known for its medicinal mud, which is used in bone diseases
In a town of Balchik and mineral springs having temperatures up to 31 ° C, which are used to treat by drinking.

Zip. Code: 9600
Tel. Code: 0579

Tourist Information Centre
Balchik 9600, Primorska "№ 25A, tel / fax: 0579 / 7-69-51
Travel site: http://www.balchik.info
Website of the Municipality: http://www.balchik.bg

Information about the Palace and Botanical Garden: 0579 / 744 0579 or 52 / 768 51 (Palace Museum).

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