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Archaeological Museum of Sofia city
BAS Sofia,
Boyana Church Sofia,
Cathedral Nedelya Sofia,
Cave Duhlata in Vitosha near Sofia, Bulgaria,
Church "St. Kirik and Julita" - Bankya,
Church of St. Nicholas Miracle Worker in Sofia,
Church of St. Petka Balkan in Sofia,
Church of St. Petka of the Saddlers Sofia,Bulgaria,
Dragalevski Monastery of Virgin Mary of Vitosha,
Gorna Banya Monastery of St. Cyril and Methodius,
Gradishte - South of Boyana, m "brick", near Sofia,
Gradiste-Kaleto Dragalevtsi near Sofia,
Historical Museum of Sofia city,
Holy Trinity Church, Sofia,
Iskar Dam near the capital Sofia,
Kableshkov monument in Sofia,
M tomb mound near Dragalevtsi Sofia,
Marchaevski Marchaevo monastery village near Sofia,
Monument of Vasil Levski in Sofia, Bulgaria,
NPC capital Sofia Bulgaria,
National Gallery of Art Art Sofia-Bulgaria,
National History Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria,
National Library St. St. Cyril and Methodius Sofiа,
National Museum "Earth and Man City Sofia,
National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", Sofia, Bulgaria,
Obradovski Martyr St. Mina Monastery-Sofia,
Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia,
Temple St. Paraskeva Sofia,
Temple-monument Alexander Nevski Cathedral Sofia,
Vladaisko Monastery St. Petka near Sofia,
Владайския манастир "Св. Петка" ,
Горнобогровски манастир Свети Георги Победоносец ,
Дивотинският манастир “Света Троица” град Банкя,
Дървенишки манастир Свети Пророк Илия в град София,
Илиенският манастир Св. Пророк Илия град София,
Илиянски манастир Свети Пророк Илия в град София,
Искрецки манастир Света Богородица,
Калкас - манастир Света Петка,
Княжевски манастир край град София,
Кокалянският манастир “Св. Архангел Михаил”-София,
Кремиковският манастир Св. Георги Победоносец,
Куриловският манастир “Св. Иван Рилски” край София,
Летище София в столица на България град София,
Лозенски манастир Свети Апостол Петър и Павел ,
Люлински манастир край град София,
Манастир "Св. Стефан" ,
Обрадовски манастир Свети Мина до град София,
Орландовски манастир Свети Три Светители в София,
Панчаревското езеро край столицата град София,
Храм "Св. Преображение Господне" в град София,
Храм Св. Св. Кирил и Методий в град София,
Храм Св. пророк Илия в град София,
Художествена галерия в столицата на България-София

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Bulgaria-Sofia Bankya resort

 Bankya is situated in a picturesque valley at the foot of the Liulin Mountain. He administrative center of district Bankya and is the third-largest city in Sofia District. Bankya is a famous spa center. The climate is mild with not very cold winters and cool summer, and autumn is warmer than spring. The average air temperatures are 9 to 16 C ˚ C ˚.

The first settlers in the territory of Bankya are Thracian tribes 2500 years ago. Archaeological excavations near the square Ivaniane were discovered remains of Roman buildings, walls, drains, bronze bracelets from IV-V century BC. Written evidence of the existence of banks as settlement draw from Turkish tax register from XV century. In 1969 Bankya village was declared a city in 1979 is a separate, together with adjacent villages and region.

The resort is a national center for rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular diseases and prevention of them endangered. Suitable and disorders of metabolism and nervous system. Rehabilitation centers for an entirely renovated and have good technique and conditions and serve thousands of patients daily.
There are large outdoor pools - the so-called city beach with swimming pools for adults and children. The spa resort is open year-round treatment in which guests create excellent conditions for treatment and rest. Procedures for rehabilitation and recovery include fitness, and bubble water massage, physiotherapy and more.
Bankya has many architectural and historical zabelebitelnosti-monastery St. Petka church St. Cyril and St. Julita, hippodrome and mineral beach.
Transport and leisure
Infrastructure of the resort is well-shaped, with a bus timetable and regular buses to neighboring towns and resorts, restaurants serving traditional Bulgarian cuisine, fast food, pizzerias, cafes, bars, discos, pubs, snack bars and shops. Bankya is a quiet place of especially favorable for family tourism, rehabilitation and vacations for individual tourists.
Cozy hotels and restaurants, cultural monuments, churches, tennis complex, the National Racecourse, mineral beach, proximity to Mountain Liulin, dozens of cultural events organized during the traditional holiday "Goreshlyatsi" of the water causing the interest of many guests.

Official site: http://www.bankya.bg

• Mayor - 99 77 106
• Deputy Mayor - 99 77 242
• Secretary - 99 77 110
• Public Relations - 99 77 106

PBX with a switchboard 99 77 107:
• Front Office - 0102
• Security - 0103
• Office of the Mayor - 0201

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