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Late medieval Church of St. Petka,Vukovo,Bulgaria
Reserve Crna Reka in Osogovo,Bulgaria,
Rock Cross Rila Monastery and the town of Rila,
Saparevobanski monastery Sveti Stefan Sapareva bat,
Бобошевски манастир Свети Димитър до град Бобошево,
Водопад "Бистрица" до Дупница, Сапарева Баня, Рила,
Връх Голям Дебелец във Верила планина, България,
Връх Руен в Осоговска планина,
Върховете Кабул, Малък и Голям Сиврия в Рила,
Метох Орлица до Рилски манастир и град Рила,
Овчаренският водопад в резерватът Скакавица в Рила,
Природен парк „Рилски манастир” край град Рила,
Резерват Риломанастирска гора край град Рила,
Резерват Скакавица край гр.Дупница в Рила,
Ресиловски манастир Покров Богородичен до Дупница,
Църква Св. Четиридесет мъченици град Сапарева баня,
Църква Свети Архангел Михаил в град Рила ,
Църква Свети Георги в СПА курорт Сапарева баня,
Църква Свети Никола в СПА курорт Сапарева баня,
Църква Свети Никола в центъра на град Рила,
Църквата при метоха Св. Петър и Павел до град Рила,
Язовир "Калин" край Дупница и Сапарева Баня, Рила

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Bulgaria-Boboshevo Municipality, Kyustendil

 Municipality Boboshevo is a small municipality with an area of only 135 square miles, but with beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage.
The municipality stretches Boboshevski collar on both banks of the Struma River in the southwestern part of Kyustendil.

The relief is mountainous and hilly and covers part of Rila, northern slopes of Rouen and part of the Struma Valley at an altitude of 380 m to 1000 m.

The climate is temperate continental with a strong Mediterranean influence. Valley of the Struma River is protected from the north, east and west by high mountains, so winter is mild and summer is hot.

The slopes of Rila, Rouen, Vlahina and surrounding hills are striated by the many tributaries of the Struma, the largest of which is Dzherman River. This creates excellent conditions for fishing and modern water sports such as rafting.
The municipality has a mineral spring in s.Slatino rich in chlorine, sodium, potassium and carbon dioxide. The water temperature is a constant 21 º C. It relates to Saparevsko Blagoevgrad-thermal mineral pool.

The municipality has many forests mostly black and white pine, acacia, flowering ash and elm, and in lower areas along rivers grow alder, willow, poplar and others. This diversity is very picturesque and woodland are ideal for walking. There is a great variety of wild herbs such as chamomile, thyme, yarrow, St. John's Wort and others.

Natural, cultural and historical monuments
The municipality has two Boboshevo findings, which were declared in simi attractions: findings of the Turkish hazel over 300 years and 200 acres of ancient beech forest in the "hair" in s.Skrino.

The oldest settlement in the region is situated on a plateau on the left bank of the river Dzherman. It is inhabited by primitive people in eneolith (5-4 thousand pr.n.era) and was discovered by the American archaeologist Dzh.H. Gaulle in 1939 and in 1981 g.sa conducted rescue excavations. Exhibits of the finds, made of bone, stone and keremika with different applications, we are exposed in the museum in gr.Boboshevo.
Boboshevo and neighboring villages are continuous urban and cultural continuity from antiquity until today, so that the pagan shrines and high places are gradually being turned into a Christian. The surrounding area has dozens of ruins of churches, mostly of 15-17 century, 3.5 km. by Boboshevo in the "Monastery" is the church of St. Demetrius, built during the reign of Sultan Bayezid II (1481g.-1512) ruined when in the early fifteenth century Monastery "St. Dimitar" was transferred here from the old place
The monastery was founded several years after the Christianization of the Bulgarians in the early tenth century. For several centuries the monastery was an important educational center. One of his zhitietata here Ivan Rilski accept monastic rank.
Until today has survived only said the church "St. Dimitar" in which they are reserved wholly authentic frescoes 1488g. To decorate the interior of the church and former West fasada.Obyavena is a cultural monument because the extremely valuable paintings, the early period of construction and degree of preservation.
Other survivors churches are magnificent monuments: St. Todor / X-XI century / St. Athanasius / sixteenth century / St Elias / seventeenth century /, which is open today.
The current church Boboshevo Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built in 1851 and has an unusual architecture that resembles that of the Rila monastery. Inside the church rise ten columns on which are located eighteen domes. The murals cover all the internal walls of the church. One is painted George Boboshevski-Zograf representative of the Bansko School of Art.
In the village Skrino rises Ruen Monastery. It is one of the newest in Bulgaria, filled with great spiritual power. In the monastery are strictly observed the tenets of Christianity, continued the work of St. John of Rila.

Tourism and sports
The rich cultural history, good natural resources (a combination of river and mountains) and the preserved identity of the high villages and allow for reconciliation of religious, hiking, cultural, fishing, rural tourism, etc.. In the "monastery" are hut Yana hut and Pioneer. They can be reached by well maintained asphalt road. Rooms are in chalets with private bathrooms. Conditions both in summer and in winter are perfect for short stays and for a few days.
Active athletes have the opportunity to visit the sports complex built in the city Boboshevo.
The municipality consists of 12 cities, the administrative center of town and villages Boboshevo: Slatina, Usoyka village, village Blazhievo, a voluntary village, village Skrino village Vukovo village Sopovo village high mound, village cyclic, village and village Kamenik Badino.

Neighboring municipalities
Next to the municipality Boboshevo are: Rila east, west Nevestino municipality, municipality Kocherinovo south and municipalities and Bobov Dol Dupnitsa north.

Contacts and further information

Municipality Boboshevo


Str. Kepov Ivan "№ 3
E-mail: obst_boboshevo@mail.bg
Phone: 07 046 / 23-54
Fax: 07 046 / 23-44

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