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забележителност Narrow train from cities in September Dobrinishte


Bulgaria-September narrow train Dobrinishte

Pazardzhik and Blagoevgrad

 Narrow train (with the popular name "narrow gauge") is the only force in Bulgaria Railway narrow gauge gauge - 760 mm. It connects the Upper Valley with river valley areas. The train starts from September, which is connected to the highway line Plovdiv - Sofia. Then he began to climb the mountain in breathtaking coils. The little train is moving slowly and sight to find amazing views. Just slow speed allows you to immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the Rhodope Mountains, and then long to enjoy the majestic scenery of the Rila and Pirin. This whole romance is lost when traveling with rapid buses and cars.

The line winds along the picturesque canyon of tis River enters the tis valley, which is located Velingrad, and climbs to the highest station on the Balkan Peninsula - Avramov, located 1267 meters above sea level From there began the descent to the valley of places in Yakoruda to Belitsa Razlog, Bansko and Dobrinishte.

The construction of narrow gauge starting in 1921 and lasts for about five years. Complex mountainous terrain, especially in the gorge Chepinska River, has become a real construction work feat. There was any machinery. The rocks are broken with sledge explosion, but the preparations for bombing and all other activities are done manually with great effort. Thousands of tons of rock and earth masses were exported and fill with cars and trucks. Only in some places it was possible to use carts.

The trip lasts more than four hours as day nine moving train. For Tourists are offered trips to amusement steam locomotive and vintage cars.
Cyclists can use the narrow gauge to reach the exit points of the popular bike routes in the region with the direction of Sveta Petka, tribes and Veliytsa.


References to schedule narrow gauge can be obtained from the website of Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ):


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