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забележителност Fortress Krakra Pernik

видове туризъм:
historical, cultural

област: Pernik,travel,vacation,holidays, hotels Bulgaria

община: Breznik, Kovachevtsi, Pernik, Thorn, Земля, Радомир, хотели, България


Pernik castle (Krakra)

Krakra medieval fortress is located in the southwestern town of Pernik, the right bank of the river Struma a small rocky plateau. The location of the castle because of their strategic importance is still inhabited by the Thracians around V - VI century BC During the III century BC, was destroyed, but - again later reimbursed by the Thracians as a fortification. It is believed that the present castle was built during the Han Omurtag when the village became a part of the Bulgarian state border and became a fortress. On the ruins of the old fort were built double walls, reinforced with three rectangular towers. The fortress wall is going in the natural contours of the plateau of the hill Krakra wide is over 2 meters and covers over 4,5 ha. The main gate is in the northeastern part of the fortress, it starts the main street. There are administrative, industrial, residential and religious buildings. During archaeological excavations have found many coins and printing of Tsar Peter (927 - 970 on). At the end of the tenth and early eleventh-century Pernik is the administrative center of the local chieftain Krakra described by the Byzantine chroniclers and Skilitsa Kedrin as: "a prominent boyar and ruler of the city at the time of the Bulgarian Tsar Samuil, a man distinguished in military. At the beginning of XI century the local population had a resolute resistance of the Byzantine conquerors. In this struggle has held principal place Krakra, which at that time possessed except Pernik additional 35 Castles in the upper region of the Struma. Pernik Fortress was his main stronghold, and with time acquired its name.
Pernik enter again within the Second Bulgarian Kingdom in 1204, the castle still has its strategic importance as the administrative center of the field. The establishment of the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria fell under Ottoman rule (1396) ended the importance it has as a fortress of Pernik and administrative center.
In 1016 Krakra Pernik withhold 88 day siege, and after numerous losses Basil II was forced to withdraw. Legends of the time argued that blood from the Byzantine soldiers were killed so many, many years that the red rocks at the foot of the fortress of Pernik. From there came the name of the place - Signs.

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