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забележителност Architectural-Ethnographic Complex Genger Aitos

видове туризъм:
sea, eco, wine, historical, cultural

област: Bourgas, hotels, travel, holidays in Bulgaria

община: Aitos, Karnobat



A unique experience in the verandas of the old houses ...

Active outdoor ethnographic exhibition, presenting the most typical Aitos near folk arts and crafts
Hotel, tavern, cafe, museum, conference hall. For reservations - Phone: 0558 261 58; Administration - tel: 0558 261 57
Ethnographic complex GENGER "preserve and continue the local handicraft traditions in the studios of master potters, coppersmiths, basket makers, carvers.
The pottery is a traditional craft for Aitos end. According to legend, the skills of local potters were famous in the markets of the Mediterranean Sea, but elegant pottery Aitos compete with Troy. In a potter's workshop in Complex Genger, working at descendents of the oldest pottery in the genus Aytos - Eagle
There are also authentic tools, manual handling of clay and wheel, which the ancestors of the Eagle were made pottery. Guests can see the different stages of manual production potter and unique examples of ceramic craftsmanship.
Next to "square in the center of the complex is the old tavern" Watermill. " Complex guests can try traditional Bulgarian dishes in a special place with unique rules.
The winery offers different types of wines produced from grapes grown in Aitos end.
Local Chambers presented an authentic Bulgarian folklore and processed live, and typical of the region's customs and rituals.
The old coffee shop that offers traditional cafe near the white sand and sweet, cooked in the complex.
In the studio of Applied Arts souvenirs are made with different techniques on clay, wood and fabric with typical elements of folk art, it is addressed and embroidery and embroidered fabrics.
Knitting Art
The beauty of the female household crafts are provided in this special workshop. This produces original Bulgarian knitting, makrameta with artistic elements, unique examples of folk art.
"Genger" welcome guests with a hand-baked bread in the bakery, made in Old Bulgarian technology. Masters prepared cakes, bread, pastry, ritual round loaves, buns and kozunatsi. There are traditional furnace and premises for souring and kneading the dough.
Each of the unique works of art bears the marks of talented craftsmen. In his atelier are preserved interior and instruments used in the nineteenth century. Guests are free to try to devise a piece of copper as a souvenir.
Fine engraved copper utensils, trays, coffee sets, cups high-antique look, these are just some of the unique products of mednikarskoto art, which formed in the interior of the studio master coppersmith.
In Aitos community has the opportunity to develop different types of tourism.
- Bioclimatic conditions
- Mineral Springs
- Ecologically clean production
- Forest park "Slaveeva River" with zoo, lake and hunting rifle
- Ethnographic Complex Genger "
- Mountain Topolitza summer resort - a resort area "Karkatlaka" and "White River"

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