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забележителност Temple-monument Alexander Nevski Cathedral Sofia

видове туризъм:
historical, cultural

област: Sofia, travel,vacation,holidays,hotels in Bulgaria

община: Anton, Bankya, Metropolitan, Metropolitan Municipality


 Bulgaria, Shipka Memorial St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral Sofia

 Temple-monument "Saint Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church is in Sofia, where e Cathedral Church of the Bulgarian Patriarch.
The decision to build a cathedral church is taken back in 1879 by the Constituent Assembly in Turnovo. Prince Alexander turned to an appeal to the Bulgarians and the church was raised by MPs donations. Foundation stone was laid in an exclusive red carpet on March 3 (February 19 old style) in 1882, the fourth anniversary of the Treaty of San Stefano. In the foundations of the temple is built in a metal box in which are recorded the names of members of the government. The temple was designed by Russian architect Pomerantsev Professor Alexander (1848-1918) with assistants Russian architects Alexander Smirnov (1861 -?) And Alexander Yakovlev (1879-1951) and was elevated to the highest place at that time in Sofia. The first project (1884-1885) has been developed by Academician architect. Ivan Bogomolov, after whose death prof. Pomerantsev completely changed the project. The final draft was ready in 1898, construction of the temple began in 1904 and was completed in 1912, while the whole performance with a total value estimated at 5.5 million leva. Briefly in 1916 the church was renamed St. Cyril and Methodius (at that time, during World War II, Bulgaria and Russia are on the side of the pacts, opponents), and in 1920 again returned to the original name of St. Alexander Nevski ".
The temple is a church in petkorabna neovizantiyski style - a cross basilica with emphasized central dome. In the interior decoration of the church were used good quality and extremely expensive building materials: colored Italian marble, onyx from Brazil, alabaster and others. Main dome is 45 meters high. Circle around the dome with thin gold letters is inscribed the prayer "Our Father". Lighting the temple were made in Munich. Covering an area of 3170 m2, the church can hold 5000 people, as the largest hall in the NPC, making it the second largest church on the Balkan Peninsula after the church of St. Sava Serbian. Its bell tower is nearly 53 meters high and has 12 bells, cast and brought from Moscow. The largest weighs 12 tons and the smallest - 10 kg, the total weight of all is 23 tons. The temple was declared a cultural monument in 1924.
In the crypt he exposed some of the most beautiful Bulgarian icons.

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